Jan’s Antler

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Never pass an Antler Coral without looking into it. You never know what you’ll find. One day in November I was out with Jan who regularly dives with me. We were a group of two. So I suggested to her we head out over the sand where nothing is. All the fun life is in the coral or on the wrecks. So this day we ventured away from the normal sites over the sand and we struck gold. An Antler Coral with 5 lion fish and 2 leaf scorpion fish. All on one smallish Antler Coral. It was stunning.

The Hawaiian Lion Fish is endemic but scarce. They are favorite targets of the illegal aquarium trade. For this reason I will not be sharing where Jan’s Antler is. I will take people there though. It’s a pretty amazing site. These days we usually see Lion Fish one at time and occasionally in a group of 2 or 3. Finding this many on one coral is rare. It may be that this is normal for the Lion Fish and used to be a common sight. Today though it is very rare and pretty awesome.

Every now and again it’s worth wasting some gas on a trip over the sand. This time it took us back in time to when Lion Fish were a common sight.

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