We love teaching people to dive and to become better divers. We offer a one day experience called Discover Scuba Diving. This is not a scuba certification. It is a vacation experience of Scuba Diving. Think of it as a taste to see if you want to become certified. We provide all the gear you need, teach you a little dive theory, teach you three essential skills, and lead you on two dives off a dive boat. No previous experience is necessary but it really helps if you know how to swim and are comfortable in the ocean. (Yes people sometimes sign up for this who don’t know how to swim! We wish they didn’t. )

Open Water Certification

The first scuba certification you earn in diving is called Open Water Certification. You begin this certification by studying eLearning which we provide a link to. The better job you do in learning this material the more enjoyable your initial experience of diving will be. If you are coming to Oahu for a vacation and want to learn how to dive while here, plan on spending several evenings learning the material.

We teach Open Water Certification over 3 days. The first day is Confined Water. We begin with a review of your elearning, introduce you to the gear, and teach you many skills. Day 1 is full of learning. Days 2 and 3 are more relaxed. On each dive you demonstrate a few of the skills you learned in confined water. Most of the time is spent diving and gaining experience. We pay particular attention to buoyancy skills as the sooner one masters buoyancy the sooner one becomes comfortable and confident as a diver.

Most new divers find they want food and a nap after these dives. It’s not that the dives are difficult. It’s an immersive experience of a new world that leaves one emotionally and intellectually full up. We recommend you not plan an activity following your dives. Give yourself time to relax and relive the experience. The cost for Open Water Certification is $575. Cost includes all gear necessary to dive. If you haven’t read our Yelp reviews yet to see how good our training is we encourage you to do so now. Call or text us to book your certification. (808) 729-2134

Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water (AOW) is the next step in diver education and training. It is made up of 5 dives focused on different areas of diving and certifies you to dive to 40 meters or 130′. Our AOW course is spread over 3 days scheduled to your convenience and pace. Some people do this in 3 straight days and others spend it out over 3 or more months. During these dives we focus both on the skills covered by AOW but also on any other skills that will help you become a better diver. Again we spend quite a bit of focus on buoyancy skills. Cost for AOW is $575

Avelo & AOW

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the agency we certify with. PADI has embraced Avelo and allows Avelo Instructors who are also PADI Instructors to teach AOW using Avelo. In celebration of that we offer both Certifications in a combination. This gets you an Avelo Certification and your AOW at a discounted price of $995 (can be paid in installments). This includes 4 days of boat dives. 8 dives on the Avelo System.

Rescue Class

Rescue Class is physically demanding. It is exhausting if taught well. We teach it very well indeed. If you take Rescue Class with us we will equip you to assist in real emergencies. We train you with realistic scenarios. We jokingly say “we promise to almost kill you”. We won’t kill you of course. We won’t even harm you. We will probably rip the mask off your face and your regs out of your mouth and leave you utterly drained. Cost is $575 for a 2 day class. Cost covers elearning and any gear needed. It does not cover EFR if needed.

PADI Specialties

We offer the full range of PADI Specialties. Call us for info.


DiveMaster is the first step into the world of Professional Scuba Diving. People who become DiveMasters fall into two groups: people who want the training but don’t want to work professionally; and people who want to work as DiveMasters. We treat everyone the same way. We will train you to a professional standard that will equip you to work for a shop or work independently. Cost is approximately $2,500 but varies a bit depending on the number of boat dives included.

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