Philippines Jan 4-11 2025

Oahu Travel Divers is going to the Philippines in January of 2025. We’re excited. Great diving from a great boat. Whale sharks, Thresher Sharks, Grey Sharks, lots of fish, coral, nudibranch. An amazing dive experience is waiting for us.

The Itinerary
Departing from Cebu City on January 4th we will enjoy a 7 day journey of discovery as we explore the reefs and walls of Visayas.

Malapascua is famous for being the one place in the world where you have a good chance of seeing a Thresher Shark. These deep sea sharks are rarely seen by divers. We will enjoy 4-5 dives a day for 5 days then taper off as we prepare for our return to Oahu.

The Boat
Built in 2020, the Philipines Aggressor is one of the newest boats in the Aggressor Fleet. It features 12 comfortable cabins and can accommodate 24 divers. Three of the cabins have balconies. Yes they cost a bit more. There is a hot tub and several areas to spread out and relax in. You can read more about the boat and view pics of the cabins here.

Watch the Video. It’s Awesome.

What are the costs?
There are several costs. The cost of the cabin, the park fees, & fuel surcharge. Cabins are $3,845 for a below deck cabin; $3,995 for an above deck cabin; and $4245 for a larger cabin with balcony. Park fees are $105 for this trip and the fuel surcharge is $200. So figure on $4,100 – $4,550 per diver. This does not include travel or gratuities for the the Aggressor Staff.

Travel Costs
We will attempt to put together a group trip to save people some money but honestly the cost of a round trip ticket to Cebu is not terrible. As we write this post the cost for a round trip ticket is just over $1,056. The travel time is 15 hours including a 3 hour layover in Manilla. To be conservative plan on $1,500 per person for round trip flights from Honolulu.

What To Budget?
If you budget $6000 – $6500 you will be very safe. Of course if you decide to stay on in the Philippines or arrive early it will cost a bit more.

Know Before You Go
More details and lots of suggestions for packing and travel.

The Payment Schedule
An initial deposit will hold your spot. The size of the deposit depends on what type of room you wish to book. A deposit of $500 will hold a basic berth for you. Step up to an upper level berth and your deposit is $650. The largest room with balcony requires a deposit of $900 per diver. Payments of $1,115 are due

  • March 15 2024
  • June 15 2024
  • September 15 2024

The deposit is fully refundable until March 15 2024. Refunds after March 15 2024 are subject to penalties from Aggressor and are reduced as a result.

How To Reserve Your Spot
Text Ed at (808) 729-2134 and let him know what sort of cabin you want.

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