Most of Oahu Scuba Diving is found on the South Shore in Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai or out of Kewalo Basin in Honolulu. The South shore enjoys mostly quiet water throughout the year. Big Wave Surfing is found on the North Shore during the winter as well as along the Leeward Coast. Diving the North Shore and Leeward Coast is a treat from mid May through September. We dive all year on the South Shore. Oahu Travel Divers arranges dives to all our popular sites by special request. We rarely use dive boats that seat more than 6-9 divers. Smaller boats limit the number of diver groups on the boat. Call Ed today at (808) 729-2134 to book your guided dives.

Our Rates

  • We charge $130 for a 2 tank local charter out of Kewalo Basin. Kamaaina rates are available Kamaaina
  • Pinnacle Charters are $150. (Pinnacles and Navy Tug are a 1 hour boat ride out of Kewalo Basin.)
  • Discover Scuba Diving is $150. Discover Scuba Diving is for people who are not certified but want a 1 day experience of diving.
  • Gear as needed is included in our rates.
  • 32% Nitrox is provided at no extra cost. Nitrox is a better way to dive.


Oahu is known for wreck diving. We do not dive any military wrecks except for the Corsair. Corsair is a WW2 era plane in 107′ of water in Maunalua Bay. It went down during a training exercise when bad weather prevented a return to the base. It’s a fun, if short dive. Other wrecks in Maunalua Bay include Upside Down LCU, Baby Barge, Kahala Barge.

Oahu’s most famous wreck dive site is Sea Tiger. With a depth of 90′ – 110′, and around 150′ long it offers an opportunity for swim throughs for certified divers or penetration for Wreck Certified divers and divers earning a Wreck Certification. Penetrating the wreck is only done with advance arrangement as additional dive staff needs to be arranged for. The Sea Tiger was confiscated for human trafficking, sold, and scuttled. It’s a fun dive and a much better use of the boat! White tip reef sharks are often seen at Sea Tiger and Spotted Eagle Rays are occasional visitors.


Green Sea Turtle at Koko Craters

Want turtles? Koko Craters is probably the most dived site on Oahu. Koko Craters is made up of three small craters that have subsided into the ocean and filled in with sand and rock. The lava overhangs around the edge of the craters are popular resting spots for Honu (turtles). There is also a turtle cleaning station where reef fish clean the shells of the Honu. We never guarantee anything underwater, but we’re tempted to here. The fewest Honu we’ve seen here were 3 and the most was in the low 20’s. If you want to see and get close to Green Sea Turtles this is the place to go. This is a popular Oahu Scuba site for Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water training Dives as the site is about 37′ deep and typically has good visibility.

Pinnacles and Navy Tug

A half hour boat ride west of Kewalo Basin is Ewa Pinnacles. Due to the distance involved we only do this dive when we can arrange a group of 6 divers. Because of the distance involved we do the dive unless the current makes diving the site unsafe. The Pinnacle rises up 50′ above the ocean floor. The deepest part of this dive is around 95′. This lava structure is home to abundant reef fist, occasional reef shark, and a beautiful field of yellow cup coral. It’s a special treat.

White Tip Reef Sharks at Navy Tug

Navy Tug is a 60′ tug boat in about 60′ of water. White Tip Reef Sharks are commonly seen here along with Spotted Eagle Rays and schools of reef fish. We usually have great visibility here and it is a wonderful site for underwater photography.

If you want to dive Pinnacles and Navy Tug please request it several weeks in advance so we can find enough divers to make the trip doable.

Sea Tiger

Sea Tiger is our most popular Wreck Dive on Oahu. For certified Wreck Divers there is an opportunity for a penetration dive. There are also multiple swim throughs for advanced divers. The stern of the Sea Tiger sits in 109′ of water while the bow is in 120′. Most of the dive is spent above the deck which is 100′ deep. The Sea Tiger was sized for human trafficking and sunk to create an artificial reef.

YO 267 & San Pedro

YO and San Pedro sin in 100′ of water and are fabulous dives. For Nitrox Divers a double deep dive can be arranged that starts with the Sea Tiger and includes the YO! This is a fabulous double deep. White Tip Reef sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, and Green Sea Turtles are frequently seen here. The wrecks provide lots of opportunity to explore.

Shore Diving

Oahu Scuba diving also has some popular shore diving sites. Electric Beach on the Leeward Coast and Shark’s Cove on the North Shore. These sites are usually divable from late May through September. Many shops rent gear to certified divers. Guided Shore Dives to Shark’s Cove and other sites can be arranged but travel distance and the cost of guides make it as expensive as south shore boat dives. That said, small groups of divers can save some money by shore diving. A popular spot for a guided shore dive is Electric Beach.