Hammerheads, pristine reefs that are rarely dived. Molokai is an amazing weekend dive get away. We arrange dive trips to Molokai from September through May. Our package price includes

  • A Friday night dive
  • A three tanker Saturday Morning including the Hammerhead Dive.
  • Discounted Round Trip Airfare on Mokulele Airlines that includes 2 free bags per passenger
  • Two nights at Hotel Molokai

These are small group trips of 4-6 divers. We need a minimum of 4 divers and a maximum of 6. If you are a couple of divers who want to go, just let us know and we’ll see who else wants to go.


Cost of the trip varies from trip to trip but is generally around $950 per diver with double occupancy from Oahu. We break it our for you on the invoice so you can see what everything costs. Letting us book your trip for you saves you money on the Hotel and on the Flight. We have corporate accounts with the Hotel and the Mokulele airlines that gets us better pricing than is publicly available. We pass much of this on to you. We also charge a $25 per diver service fee for our services that basically covers our credit card fees.

What’s not included

  • Ground transportation. Rental cars are available on Molokai. Recent divers have reported being happy using Truro to find a ride.
  • Food. Molokai shuts down at night so arranging food before the Friday Night Dive is a must. Put something in the hotel room refrigerator for afterwards.

What to expect

An amazing dive weekend on another island with time to explore the island Saturday afternoon and Sunday until your return flight.