Dive Club

Our Dive Club is for people who live on Oahu and for those who come annually for prolonged visits. If you’re uncertain whether you can join the dive club please check with Ed.

Our Dive Club has 2 main benefits. The first benefit that everyone appreciates is a 33% discount off every local charter. The savings add up fast. The second benefit is a t-shirt. The new logo t-shirt is available in 3 styles. A light grey unisex, a women’s short sleeve in aqua, and a tank top in turquoise. All three of these shirts are also available for purchase for $25 each.

More About the t-shirt.
Not all cotton is the same. We’ve all had shirts that wore out far too fast and some that were surprisingly rugged. The cotton in the t-shirt is airlume combed and ring spun. This results in finer and stronger threads that shrink less. It’s an intensive process that reduces the yield of the cotton but results in a better product. This is partly why some cotton t-shirts cost more than others. Another factor in cost is the number of inks used per shirt. Each color has a different screen. It takes more effort to produce a shirt with lots of colors. Our first t-shirt is using 2 colors on the front and five on the back! What the heck! It’s our first shirt. 

Our t-shirts will be printed using water based inks which are better for the environment than the industry standard Plastisol. Plastisol prints sit on top of the t-shirt rather than actually dye the shirt. Water based ink can either sit on top or actually dye the shirt resulting in a slightly retro and softer result. For our first shirt we’re opting for the sit on top and bold print. It will have a slightly raised feel to it but nothing like the Plastisol print. These will be very soft shirts.

Pics and size charts can be found here.

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