Our Vision

Oahu Travel Divers was formed with a focus on divers who live in Hawaii and want great value dives and who also want to dive the other islands. Does anyone not want to dive Niihau? The Big Island Manta Dive? Back Wall on Molokini? The Hammerhead dive off of Molokai? We all want to do these dives! The problem is time and money. The solution is one day dive trips. You leave early in the morning and return home that evening.

This is accomplished using low altitude return flights by private charter. If you’re thinking that can’t be cheap, you would be correct. But it works out less than the cost of commercial flights and a hotel for the night. And you get to sleep in your own bed.

At this time Inter Island Travel is pretty shut down due to COVID 19. When it opens up we will start offering inter island dive trips.