Our Vision

Oahu Travel Divers was formed with a focus on high quality diving and dive travel.

Our goal on every dive is for people to go home feeling the money they spent to dive with us was very well spent indeed. We accomplish this in several ways that are reflected in our tag line “Better Wetsuits, Better Gear, Better Gas, Better Diving” We love great gear and love sharing great gear. Our wetsuits are by Fourth Element. These are super stretchy performance wetsuits that keep you warm. Our BCDs are xDeep Zen’s and Scubapro Hydros. Our regs are Deep6, the best regs you’ve probably never heard of. They spend no money on advertising. For certified divers we offer 32% nitrox on every dive. If you’re not Nitrox Certified we give you a Nitrox Briefing that lets you dive Nitrox that day. Nitrox gives you longer bottom times and shorter surface intervals. People who are exceptionally good on gas can log 2 hours of bottom time on our charters.

Does anyone not want to dive Niihau? The Big Island Manta Dive? Back Wall on Molokini? The Hammerhead dive off of Molokai? We all want to do these dives! We currently organize dive trips to Molokai pretty regularly. We’re seeking partnerships on the other Hawaiian Islands and look forward to diving them also.

Once a year or so we organize international dive trips. Our next trip is to the Philippines January 4-11, 2025. You can read about it here.

Our efforts to provide high value experiences has been an exciting journey that is appreciated by the people who dive with us. Check out our Yelp Reviews.

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