Adventure Starts with Avelo

Feel the freedom of the Avelo System!

As an Avelo Dive Center, we offer the future of scuba diving. Learn how to dive the Avelo System by joining one of our Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) specialty courses. With this certification, you can dive on our charters and around the world at any Avelo Dive Center.

Avelo provides the freedom and streamlined experience of freediving to your dives. At nearly half the weight of standard scuba, diving the Avelo System is not only more enjoyable to dive but it’s also more fun. 

The Revolution in Scuba is here

Avelo is a new diving discipline. Our specialty course is your ticket to redefine your underwater experience. Enjoy smoother, longer divers with lighter and safer gear.

This open-circuit dive system reimagines buoyancy control by using the tank itself to experience perfect neutral buoyancy without adjusting for depth. The Avelo System consists of two components, the Jetpack and the Hydrotank. When you add water to the Hydrotank you become heavier and when you purge water you become lighter. Because there is no compressible air volume as with a standard BCD no adjustments of buoyancy need to be made when you go deeper or shallower.

How To Dive Avelo

Learn everything you need to master the Avelo System in the Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) specialty course. This one-day certification starts with online learning and is completed in person with an Avelo Instructor. After you’re certified to dive the system, enjoy a lifetime of world-class diving at any Avelo Dive Center.

How Avelo Works


8:45 am Introduction to the Avelo System, online learning review, and in-person training
10:30 am Board the boat for two certification dives on our 3-hour charter
Register for a second day of guided diving to master the Avelo System

Diving Packages

RAD specialty course
Includes Avelo equipment rental, dive charter, online and in-person training

Avelo adventure dive
Includes Avelo equipment rental, and 2-tank charter

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