Medium Gear Bag


Want to drop your whole gear bag into the tub to soak? We won’t judge you. You can with this gear bag. It’s tough, durable, light weight, and very well ventilated. We’ve been using these on charters for the past 18 months and are impressed. They still look new. Very little wear. No salt build up on the zippers. This is a great bag for getting to and from your charter.

Volume: 65L
Dimensions: 26″x14″
Repurposed Vinyl Mesh ♻
Marine Grade
Waterproof material
Mildew & UV Resistant
Sand free / See-through / Ventilated
Stain-proof and easy to clean
Super durable Auto-Lock plastic zippers
Shoulder strap with Neoprene handle
Handles at each end
Designed and Handmade in Colorado, USA



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