Oahu Travel Divers was started with the local diver in mind. We like visitor and will take them diving but we are focused on kamaaina divers. We run small charters tailored to the interests of our divers. Our goal is to ensure that every charter feels like a great value. Do you want a particular dive like a double deep Sea Tiger and YO? We do this at least one Saturday a month. We also dive Pinnacles and Navy Tug regularly.

Our prices are kamaaina friendly, similar or lower to “club prices” but without any membership fees. Call or email us for current pricing.

So who is kamaaina?

If you live here you are. If you are working here for a couple of months then yes, you are as well. If you live here for 2-3 months a year, then yes you are also. If you are here on vacation visiting a friend, then no sorry. You get to pay the already low regular rate published on our site.