The Ghost by xDeep is the BCD that introduced xDeep to the world. It is one of the lightest travel bcd’s available and also one of the best performing. The wider and taller aluminum backplate than found on competitors is paired with a stylish and durable wing to place you in perfect trim position. The wing is designed to minimize drag making it easier to swim into a current or easily kick your way across a reef or wreck. We love this BC and think you will too.

It is available in Standard and Deluxe versions. It is also available in many colors and can be ordered with many options through xDeep’s Tune Up Tool. You can even have your name embroidered onto the wing. A nice feature if you go on live aboards or large dive boats. The Standard is the basic DIR setup loved by divers around the world. The Deluxe adds neutrally buoyant padding and quick releases on the shoulder straps.

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