The OrcaTorch D710 is a compact bright light with outstanding design and construction. It is a 1,700 lumen light with a 3,000 lumen burst mode which is activated by holding down the power button. This version of the D710 comes with 2 batteries and is ideal for traveling divers, scuba professionals, and people who like having a spare battery. It comes with a clamshell case for convenient storage and transport.



The OrcaTorch D710 is a 1700 lumen dive light rated to 150 Meters. It has a burst mode activated by pressing and holding down the power button. It then is a 3000 lumen torch! It’s fabulous. It has two lower level setting more appropriate to night diving and dimly lit environments.

There are two versions of this light for sale online. This is the more expensive version. It has 2 batteries included with the torch. This is perfect for people who travel, working professionals, who are in the water a lot and divers who just want to have an extra fully charged battery on hand.


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