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  • Perdix AI , Shearwater

    Perdix AI

    Shearwater has 2 Perdix Computers available. The venerable Perdix and Perdix AI (Air Integration). We prefer to sell the AI version. It is only $40 more that the original Perdix, has better resale value if you decide to ever pass it along, and if you ever want Air Integration you are ready to add the transmitter. Compare …

  • Peregrine


    A Shearwater Computer for the Recreational Diver that pleases Professional Divers also. Here at Oahu Travel Divers we love the Peregrine. We loan them to our students and divers to use. In our opinion this is simply the best dive computer under $500 available today. It’s $450 plus tax. Come diving with us and you can try it out before …

  • Teric


    The best dive computer by the best Dive Computer Company. The Shearwater Teric has earned it’s reputation as a rock solid computer for every kind of diver. It’s also a beautiful watch for your prolonged surface intervals. ¬†Available in Blue, Black, or Silver. We typically have one or two in stock. Compare Shearwater Computers

  • Transmitter


    Available in black or yellow. It is recommended that divers who dive with two tanks and two transmitters have one black one and one yellow one.