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  • Beach Tote

    Beach Tote

    Finally a beach tote you can spray down with a hose. Gili gear is made of repurposed vinyl mesh. It’s strong, durable, and stylish.

    Dimensions: 16″ x 14″ x 6″
    *Inside pocket and keychain loop
    Repurposed Vinyl Mesh ♻
    Marine grade waterproof material
    Mildew & UV Resistant
    Ventilated and sand-free
    Stain-proof and easy to clean
    Designed and Handmade in Colorado, USA

  • D710


    The OrcaTorch D710 is a compact bright light with outstanding design and construction. It is a 1,700 lumen light with a 3,000 lumen burst mode which is activated by holding down the power button. This version of the D710 comes with 2 batteries and is ideal for traveling divers, scuba professionals, and people who like having a spare battery. It …

  • Gear Cube

    Gear Cube

    A great bag for your Regulators or other sporting gear. This is perfect for Hawaii. You can put your freshly rinsed regs in this bag it up and be confident that geckos and cockroaches can’t get into them (yes this is a problem for people who don’t dive a lot).

    Volume:  12L
    Dimensions:  12″ x 10″ x 6″
    Upcycled Vinyl Mesh ♻
    Marine grade waterproof material
    Mildew & UV …

  • Large Gear Bag

    Large Gear Bag

    Just like the Medium Gear Bag but bigger. This is the bag you want if you want to put your BCD in with your fins and wetsuit, have space for your Gear Cube, your boat coat, etc. It’s generous in size but not as big as a free diving bag.

    Dimensions: 34″ x 16″  (86cm x 40cm)
    Volume:  118L
    Repurposed Vinyl Mesh ♻
    Marine Grade
    Waterproof …

  • Medium Gear Bag

    Medium Gear Bag

    Want to drop your whole gear bag into the tub to soak? We won’t judge you. You can with this gear bag. It’s tough, durable, light weight, and very well ventilated. We’ve been using these on charters for the past 18 months and are impressed. They still look new. Very little wear. No salt build up on the zippers. This …